Security Auditing

Comprehensive Security Report

We provide peace of mind for business owners by having our expert nerds validate the security of your WordPress site.

One of our seasoned security nerds and analysts will perform a security audit and inspection that covers all aspects of running a Secure WordPress site. The final report includes detailed recommendations for improving your website security.

Not a day goes by without news of a major government department, big corporation or public institution suffering an embarrassing data breach or cyber attack.

These high profile incidents demonstrate how even organizations with huge resources fail to fully protect their web presence and the valuable data that it contains. Bad actors, state players, criminal hackers and bored 15 year olds are relentless in their efforts to disrupt your business.

What makes web security such a difficult challenge for all organizations and businesses with a WordPress website is that the web security threat environment is constantly evolving.

Web Security Threats are changing and becoming more sophisticated everyday.

Just look at our blog updates and see for yourself. Warning: you cannot unsee or ignore them. But the good news is that our Encipher team is comprised of the very best local Aussie nerds and we actually care.

We have all got experiences, scars and battle wounds but we have you covered so that you can run your business.

Your own IT support are doing their best and we salute them. We will provide them with a fully detailed technical audit report and also a summary written for executives and managers to understand. We may be cyber nerds but we are able to communicate in a professional business manner.


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Our Comprehensive security audit and report requires appropriate access to the admin area of your site, FTP login, control panel access and we also need SSH access (if available). After paying you will be redirected to a secure page to enter your login information that is sent encrypted to our systems. Only authorized Encipher Security Team have access to this information. We may not be able to provide service for every site and we reserve the right to not carry out an audit and your money will be refunded.
Work is guaranteed for 60 days from service only if post-service recommendations are followed.