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Encipher is an Australian Cyber Security based business that actually cares about your online business, cyber security and privacy.

Encipher provides a range of services related to cyber security. We are in business to help businesses of all sizes, from local online shopping cart to multi-national enterprises, protect their online presence, data and reputations from hackers, criminals, advanced persistent threat (APTs), bad actors and unfriendly foreign governments.


Internet Security Services

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Cyber Security Audits

We will collect information about your organisation’s process and procedures, as well as security technology used. We will benchmark this against best practice and provide simple to implement recommendations. This will boost your cyber security maturity.

Penetration Testing


Our experienced penetration testing team will look for vulnerabilities in your website and network. Encipher will provide you with a series of recommendations that your team can implement to ensure your organization is protected.

Phishing Campaigns

Phishing Campaigns

Encipher will simulate phishing campaigns against your organisation. No matter how small a business is, people will always be the weakest link. When we determine a phishing email has been successful, we will follow up with a training session to ensure your staff know how to avoid such tricks in the future.

How secure is your site?

Our scanners are regularly scanning WordPress sites all over the world, finding thousands of vulnerable sites at risk and alerting owners via email.

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