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Our team is comprised of the some of the most experienced developers and cyber security experts in Australia.

We are helping businesses of all sizes, from local online businesses to multi-national enterprises, protect their online presence, data and reputations from hackers, criminals, advanced persistent threat and unfriendly foreign governments.

Government regulation burdens business with more compliance guidelines than ever. Organisations are struggling with the cost and time needed to satisfy all the emerging requirements. At Encipher we actually care about your online business, security and privacy. We have developed a simple and cost effective way of maintaining your compliance needs, and secure your IT environments.


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Our team of experts will review your unique situation and make personalised recommendations to address your web security needs.

Cyber Security By Subscription

Protecting the security and privacy of your online business is not a one-off task. To remain secure and protected in today's ever-changing environment, it requires on-going vigilance and continuous monitoring.

Our security solutions are based on renewing subscriptions, in order to maximise and maintain your protection and retain the flexibility to keep up with and remain secure against the latest threats, whatever those may be.

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Network Testing

Our Red Team will surface map your business network(s) looking for vulnerabilities. Once the mapping is completed, a professional remediation report will be created for your IT team or one of your recommended partners to help harden your networks from external threats.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Our experienced penetration testing team will look for vulnerabilities in your website and network. Encipher will then provide you with a series of recommendations for your team to implement to ensure your organization is protected.

Phishing Campaigns

Phishing Campaigns

Encipher will simulate phishing campaigns against your organisation. No matter how small a business is, people will always be the weakest link. When we determine a phishing email has been successful, we will follow up with a training session to ensure your staff know how to avoid such tricks in the future.


About Encipher

At Encipher we specialize in pro-active cyber security.

Our team is comprised of the most experienced developers and cyber security experts. Proud veteran nerds with a particular skillset, we have a relentless passion for what we do - keeping your online presence secure from criminals, hackers and bad actors.

The Encipher team helps a wide range of industries, businesses, charities and even governments to protect their online presence, data and reputations from hackers, criminals, advanced persistent threat and unfriendly foreign governments.

We actually care about your business, security and privacy.

Our Approach To Cyber Security

The motto of all Scouts is to "Be Prepared".  This is our philosophy too when it comes to Cyber Security.

In a world that is changing fast with the increasing efforts, frequency and complexity of security threats, it is key that businesses are 'proactive' not 'reactive' when it comes to their online business.

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    Secure By Design

    We offer a number of services to test the design and security of your systems and make remediation recommendations. 

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    Compliant By Design

    After benchmarking your existing processes and procedures, we will help you to implement a framework which is right for your business. This will ensure you can demonstrate a high level of governance and compliance, should the need arise.

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    Continuous Monitoring

    Our Priority Service prepares your business to deal with potentially damaging Cyber Security Incidents. This subscription-based service provides real-time monitoring and 24/7 cyber-security specialists to respond to any threat promptly, minimizing disruption to your business.


Frequently Asked Questions


Pro-active Cyber Security involves thinking, acting, testing and analysing the threat environment. Our team's job is to mitigate any Advanced Persistent Threats and keep out Bad Actors.

In our opinion, the current top 5 Cyber Security threats are:

  • Phishing Attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Website and App Malware
  • Remote Access Fraud

All five of these threats have increased massively and continuously since the beginning of 2020.  

This is a bit of a tricky question because the answer is both Yes and No.

A freshly installed WordPress site is generally secure if the underlying host and servers are secure as well. However, once a site has been developed and has its new theme and plugins installed that changes everything.

In the current active threat environment, all WordPress sites must be hardened and maintained by Web Security specialists if they are to remain secure. If they aren't hardened and regularly maintained it quickly becomes a matter of 'when' your site will get hacked not 'if'. 

Encipher has a Red Team which in simple terms is best described as a team of "ethical hackers". 

Penetration Testing (aka pen testing) is when our Red Team is authorised by the relevant stakeholders to attempt to break into a given set of resources including everything from websites to WiFi networks.

Pen testers typically use professional or custom developed hacking tools to discover and report back any vulnerabilities that they find.

Cyber Security Subscriptions


  • Web application pen test
  • Network pen test
  • Phishing campaign


  • Web application pen test
  • Network pen test
  • Phising campaign
  • Cyber security audit
  • Training


  • Web application pen test
  • Network pen test
  • Phishing campaign
  • Cyber security audit
  • Training
  • Monitoring

Our Team

Collectively our Encipher team has hundreds of years of web development and cyber security behind us and a track record to match. Although many of our team members will remain behind the scenes making sure that your business is safe, rest assured we are here to help you so our team is always contactable.

Luke - Founder

Proud nerd who made Encipher happen by bringing the most experienced and skilled team of talent together. He has been involved with computers since his early childhood with over 30 years experience. His brain is wired differently and with ADHD as his super-power he sees Web Security in ways that others do not.

Vik - Cyber Risk Manager

Veteran Risk Management professional with university qualifications in risk and business administration including certification in Cyber WarfareIncident Response and Forensics. He has worked closely with industry leaders and enterprise professionals to secure their networks across a broad range of organisations.

Client Testimonials

strategic psych

Nesh Nikolic

Strategic Psychology

We are a Canberra-based psychology practice of over 20 staff and consider ourselves quite tech-savvy. My  internal IT guy suggested to “bring in these computer nerds [Encipher] and see if they could break into our system”. We use premium—and expensive—Wordpress hosting plus secure file storage so I thought “Okay, let them try”.

Well, the Encipher team found our vulnerability: our staff clicking on phishing emails! I thought we had all the tech bases covered but didn’t consider the human aspect. Happy to report we implemented a internal ‘human’ control system to keep our data safe.

putney insurance


Putney Insurance
Encipher conducted some pen testing on our website and found several vulnerabilities. They were quick and efficient and even provided guidance on remediation. 
I was pleasantly surprised how affordable the service was. It was well worthwhile getting them involved.