Frequently Asked Questions

Pro-active Cyber Security involves thinking, acting, testing and analysing the threat environment. Our team's job is to mitigate any Advanced Persistent Threats and keep out Bad Actors.

In our opinion, the current top 5 Cyber Security threats are:

  • Phishing Attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Website and App Malware
  • Remote Access Fraud

All five of these threats have increased massively and continuously since the beginning of 2020.  

This is a bit of a tricky question because the answer is both Yes and No.

A freshly installed WordPress site is generally secure if the underlying host and servers are secure as well. However, once a site has been developed and has its new theme and plugins installed that changes everything.

In the current active threat environment, all WordPress sites must be hardened and maintained by Web Security specialists if they are to remain secure. If they aren't hardened and regularly maintained it quickly becomes a matter of 'when' your site will get hacked not 'if'. 

Encipher has a Red Team which in simple terms is best described as a team of "ethical hackers". 

Penetration Testing (aka pen testing) is when our Red Team is authorised by the relevant stakeholders to attempt to break into a given set of resources including everything from websites to WiFi networks.

Pen testers typically use professional or custom developed hacking tools to discover and report back any vulnerabilities that they find.